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Faculty of Civil Engineering

Adress: C-tin Daicoviciu no. 15, 400020 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Dean office: Room 470
Phone: 0264 401250, Phone/Fax: 0264 594967
Mail : secretariat.fc[at]staff.utcluj.ro
Secretariat: Room 471
Phone: 0264 401250
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Faculty of Civil Engineering

The tradition of civil engineering education in Cluj-Napoca started in 1920 when the SCHOOL OF TECHNICIANS FOR PUBLIC WORKS was founded based on governmental decree no. 4206 from 19 October. The decision to promote this type of education was made by Romanian Government in order to develop professional training and education after the recent unification of the Romanian state (1st of December 1918).
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Departments structure

Our faculty has 5 departments: Civil Engineering and Management, Structures, Mechanics, Railways Roads and Bridges, Cadastral Measurements

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Educational program

Faculty of Civil Engineering of Cluj-Napoca trains specialists in the field of Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Engineering Geodesic.

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Research domains and structure

Teachers of the faculty conducted research, development and innovation in the fields of mechanical construction, building physics, earthquake engineering, structures, soil mechanics, materials.

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Undergraduate Contests

The young future engineers of our institution are the most valuable resource of our city and country; having this in mind one of the main objectives is helping students evolve in various scenarios. The dynamics of this environment, help develop tomorrow's leaders and their innovative skills. Therefore we believe that students involvement in such projects has a positive influence to their future career.
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