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Dear colleagues,

For the sixth year running, the University of Pisa is welcoming
international students to study with us during the summer.

Given the great success of previous years, and the ever-increasing
interest from students, we have decided to update our summer offer. In
the hope of making it wider and more varied, we will offer 25 courses
spread over six disciplinary areas.

Our university is one of the oldest in Italy, renowned for both its
academic rigour and prestigious lecturers. This course gives students
the opportunity to experience life at the University of Pisa. All
information regarding the Summer Schools is available on the website,
which can be found here:  https://www.unipi.it/summerschool

The International office will be pleased to help and assist whoever is
interested in the Summer School of the University of Pisa.
For more information about the courses, please email the address
provided:   support.summerschool@unipi.it

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