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Registration open to the 2017 European Summer Program at Université Catholique de Lille

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from LILLE!

The _Université Catholique de Lille_, France, is pleased to announce
the 2017 edition of the EUROPEAN SUMMER PROGRAM.


 -          ARTS, SOCIAL SCIENCE, AND BUSINESS (French language classes
in the morning + an elective taught in English in the afternoon)

 -          SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (in English, in areas such as
Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility; Human Mobility; and
Food Science)

 ·         NEW IN 2017: in both sessions, a choice between a program
fully taught in English OR including an intensive French language course
in the mornings

 -          "FRENCH ONLY" (French language course in the mornings + an
elective in the afternoon, all taught in French)

 ·         NEW IN 2017: for students with French levels from A2- to B1+
or B2+ (CEFR) [1]

 -          EUROPEAN & INTERNATIONAL LAW (courses in English with a
focus on European Policy Making (ESP1) or Comparative Transatlantic Law

 ·         NEW IN 2017: available in both sessions with or without a
French language component

 ALSO NEW IN 2017: Course options spread over the 2 months to allow more
in-depth study and more credits

The ESP is an academic program that allows students to transfer credits
back to their university of origin. All syllabi are now available on
line [2].

WHEN:                ESP1:  30 May to 23 June 2017

                           ESP2: 28 June to 21 July 2017


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 1 April 2017 for ESP1 and 1st May for ESP2

 TUITION FEES: just 2900 euros for the whole package! (special group
rates and discounts for students staying 2 months)

The price includes a FULL PACKAGE program:

 -           Tuition fees and course materials

 -           Accommodation in single rooms with wifi access in the dorm

 -           Meal Pass

 -          Orientation program

 -          Company visits

 -          Monthly transportation pass

 -          Access to University facilities

 -          Fieldtrips to Brussels and Bruges and more

 -          5 group dinners

 -          Movie nights

 Students also have the possibility of extra visits and weekend trips
[4] to places such as Amiens and WW1 battlefields, Paris, Normandy, and

Learn more about the list of courses [2] and read what our past students
have had to say [5] on our fully updated website [6].

And feel free to contact us for any further information:

 See you soon in LILLE!

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zGV2lfrlM9K1XB1b1v-3Y71fVrv3mLTeDGHGaEpxRw0/edit
[2] http://www.univ-catholille.fr/european-summer-program/list-of-courses.asp
[3] https://uclille.moveonfr.com/locallogin/57ff50a93e5d66fa02f0d4ab/eng
[4] http://www.univ-catholille.fr/european-summer-program/fieldtrips-and-cultural-program.asp
[5] http://www.univ-catholille.fr/european-summer-program/what-the-students-say.asp
[6] http://www.univ-catholille.fr/european-summer-program/esp.asp

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