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Dear Colleagues,

Universite Catholique de Lille is proud to announce the 15th edition of their
European Summer Program,
which takes place from 29 May to 25 June and 30 June to 23 July 2015.

A few of the 2015 academic highlights include:

    *  new interdisciplinary courses on subjects such as "International
Teamwork and Communication" and "The French System of Health and
Social Care", as well as a "Model United Nations" elective and a
graduate Law program.
o    For the Arts, Social Science and Business Program, a specific focus
continues on the commemoration of World War 1 during the period of the
Centenary of the Great War.
o    For the Science and Engineering Programs, our Schools of Engineering
and Faculty of Science offer 2 tracks either with a French Language course
or completely taught in English.
For a complete list of courses, see our updated website:
You will find information about our 2015 courses, fieldtrips, cultural
program and costs, together with videos giving an insight into our

You will soon receive by regular post our
brochure<http://www.univ-catholille.fr/documents/livret2014.pdf>, student
flyers and posters for promotion of our program on your campus.

We thank you for your help and your support for our European Summer
Program and remain available should you need any further information.

Best wishes.

The International Office of Université Catholique de Lille

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